Mystic Monkey Yoga is the child of studio owner Jason Calsyn. Jason has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching since 2012. In 2016, he traveled to India and across Southeast Asia, studying and teaching yoga as much as he could. When he returned home to Washington, he saw an opportunity to offer something unique: a hot yoga studio that seeks balance between the inner and outer worlds. between an intensive physical practice and a practice focused on internal growth.

The monkey character is based on the Indian god Hanuman: a monkey who becomes wise and even gains magical abilities through his love and dedication towards Lord Rama. Hanuman is brave and loyal, and fiercely intelligent, but he also retains the strength and suppleness of his monkey heritage. Like Hanuman, we believe in the value of dedication and lifelong learning. We’re always striving to improve ourselves, but also to find peace and gratitude for what we have. Come share the journey and help us build a loving and supportive community here at Mystic Monkey Yoga!

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