Christopher Brown

Christopher lives life passionately with an endless curiosity for the natural world and the human mind/body. He infuses his yoga practice with this enthusiasm and his many interests. He sees yoga as a tool for centering the body and mind. In keeping the breath and mind steady through a spectrum of sometimes challenging postures, yoga helps us sit with greater ease in the present moment. In the process yoga leads us to feel healthier, stronger, more flexible, more resilient, and best of all, more peaceful.

Christopher is originally from northern Utah and moved to the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago to work on organic farms. He enjoys running, gardening, reading and finding new adventures. Christopher taught yoga at Utah State and a local community center between 2008-2012 and is very excited to be teaching again. He just completed his RYT-200 training at the Lakshmi Rising school in Costa Rica and will incorporate some of the themes of this vinyasa training into his classes.

Christopher Brown instructs the following:
  • Hot Hatha Yoga - 75 minutes
  • These classes consist of static postures held for longer periods of time. Students gain balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence in these classes. Each instructor incorporates their own training and background into their teaching, so you can expect to learn something new each time you step into the room. The room temperature for our Hatha classes will be between 100 and 102 degrees.

  • Hot Vinyasa - 75 Minutes
  • Vinyasa classes are a bit faster-paced, and place great emphasis on pranayama (breath control). These classes may be more aerobically challenging, but will rapidly build strength and flexibility. It is recommended that you have at least a few classes’ worth of experience in other classes before taking this class. The temperature for this class will be set to 95 degrees, but you will sweat just as much as in our hotter classes!