Samantha Thomas

Samantha began her yoga journey over 10 years ago on a frigid Minnesota winter day to cultivate heat and quiet the mind. Yoga continuously teaches awareness. Samantha is trained in Vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt (integration of weights). Since moving to Port Townsend in 2012, Samantha has been teaching around town, sharing her love for a strong Vinyasa flow. She is excited to share in the practice -- together, smiling with every Navasana. When not enjoying yoga, Samantha works with cities and towns to become more walkable or is hiking in our sublime backyard-- the Olympics.

Samantha Thomas instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa - 75 Minutes
  • Vinyasa classes are a bit faster-paced, and place great emphasis on pranayama (breath control). These classes may be more aerobically challenging, but will rapidly build strength and flexibility. It is recommended that you have at least a few classes’ worth of experience in other classes before taking this class. The temperature for this class will be set to 95 degrees, but you will sweat just as much as in our hotter classes!