Jacquie Hansen

Jacquie is a nature lover at heart which fosters a sense of wonder and play. She also is a bit of a perfectionist which drove her to two, 200-hour and Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy trainings. This allowed for a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and it's theraputic effects. She has taught many styles of yoga in the last 7 years and strives to create a challenging and fun practice. Nothing is better than seeing bright shiny faces after Savasana. That glow is the best feedback anyone could give. When she is not teaching yoga, Jacquie enjoys making herbal balms and working at organic farms.

Jacquie Hansen instructs the following:
  • Warm Yoga Flow - 75 minutes
  • These classes are flowing and intuitive, and sequenced dynamically and with intention. They are therapeutic and challenging, and suitable for all levels. The room is a little cooler for these classes -- a comfortably warm 85 degrees.
    Everyone is welcome in all our classes, but if you're unsure of the heat, this might be a good class to start with.

  • Hot Hatha Yoga - 75 minutes
  • These classes consist of static postures held for longer periods of time. Students gain balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence in these classes. Each instructor incorporates their own training and background into their teaching, so you can expect to learn something new each time you step into the room. The room temperature for our Hatha classes will be between 100 and 102 degrees.