Cameron Jones

I approach the practice of Yoga with sincerity rather than seriousness. I find this approach helps create an atmosphere in which practitioners of all levels feel comfortable and at ease in exploring the link between body and mind as you move through and sit with yourself in the asanas. As a healing art, Yoga is an invaluable tool for not only realigning and readjusting our physical bodies to their naturally healthy state, but is also as a medium for the cultivation of self-love necessary to returning balance to our emotional and mental bodies that are, in today’s society, often stuck in hyper-anxious states of being.
When i’m not in the yoga studio, I work with the developmentally disabled in our local community or am in my family garden. I also am a permaculture designer and spend as much time in nature as possible learning from her and returning to the natural rhythms of our local environment.

Cameron Jones instructs the following:
  • Hot Hatha Yoga - 75 minutes
  • These classes consist of static postures held for longer periods of time. Students gain balance, flexibility, strength, and confidence in these classes. Each instructor incorporates their own training and background into their teaching, so you can expect to learn something new each time you step into the room. The room temperature for our Hatha classes will be between 100 and 102 degrees.

  • Hot Vinyasa - 75 Minutes
  • Vinyasa classes are a bit faster-paced, and place great emphasis on pranayama (breath control). These classes may be more aerobically challenging, but will rapidly build strength and flexibility. It is recommended that you have at least a few classes’ worth of experience in other classes before taking this class. The temperature for this class will be set to 95 degrees, but you will sweat just as much as in our hotter classes!